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New Products

New Products for Improved Vehicle Accessibility

At Frank’s Engineering P/L, we are always on the lookout for innovative new products to continue improving the quality of life for physically disadvantaged drivers in Melbourne.

Make sure you check back here regularly to find out what new products we have in stock. Your driving experience could be revolutionised as new items are developed with state of the art research and technology.

Lodgeson Ball-361x271
1. Lodgesons Lollipop Knob


Lodgesons wireless keypad controls are designed to provide disabled drivers with the utmost in functionality, comfort and design. Our R200 systems allow people with restricted mobility to steer the car whilst operating the indicators, lights, horn and wipers safely with just one hand. Simply pressing a button activates the required function.

Introducing the NEW Mini Keypad for Hand Controls

We have recently launched our new 10/13 function Mini Keypad for Hand Controls. Compatible with all makes & models of hand control, the keypad will operate –

  • indicators
  • lights (dip/main/flash)
  • horn
  • front wipers & washers
  • rear wash/wipe
  • hazards*

With a green back-light and dividers between each of the buttons to guide the user, the keypad is very easily operated; even in the dark! The indicators will also self-cancel on some vehicles.

3. Lodgesons Mini Keypad

RB SP Large Spinner Knob

The RB SP now comes in a Large joystick as well as the Classic joystick option.

Transfer Seat

The Transfer Seat is manufactured by SMDM and features a range of adjustments to suit any vehicle and user position.Built from high grade aluminium and steel, the Transfer Seat is capable of carrying 120kg. The steel fixation brackets are designed to fit discretely to the original seat rails. The unit folds compactly down and can easily be removed by sliding off from the fixation brackets. The height of the Seat Platform is adjusted by cutting down the aluminium legs while front/rear positioning is adjusted by moving the brackets on the underside of the platform. The design is universal for left and right side. A simple and effective solution for vehicle transfers

5. Transfer Seat
6. Ramps

Manual Ramps

The Movia Access Ramps manufactured by Fadiel Italiana present a new approach to ramp design previously unseen in the market. The concept revolves around a number of design features focusing on simplicity and lightness. Easy to use, reliable, functional, super strong, best describe the range of Movia Access Ramps.

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