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Disability Vehicle Modification Resources for Drivers

We understand that modifying your vehicle can be a costly process. There is funding available to physically disadvantaged citizens from a number of bodies throughout Victoria and Australia.

Explore the following resources to find out more.


Check if you are eligible for funding from:


  • Check NDIS Website for funding information:
  • Subsidy Scheme (VMSS). The VMSS is part of the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program & is funded by the Victorian Department of Human Services. Eligible drivers/passengers with permanent disabilities living in Victoria may receive a subsidy of up to $10,000 (over a seven year period) for the cost of certain modifications. The VMSS website has detailed information:
  • The Transport Accident Commission (TAC) will pay for treatment & benefits for people injured in transport accidents.
  • Other insurers if you have a compensable injury (e.g.: worker’s compensation)
  • Employment Assistance Fund (a Commonwealth Government scheme which funds some work related expenses, including vehicle modifications). Further information is available from:
  • Department of Veterans Affairs Rehabilitation Appliances Program which funds vehicle modifications for eligible veterans. See link:

Who is eligible?

A vehicle modification subsidy is now available for Victorian residents with a permanent or long term disability who meet the eligibility criteria of the Aids & Equipment Program (A & EP)

The subsidy will assist:

  • People requiring vehicle modifications to drive their primary vehicle due to their disability
  • People with a disability requiring modifications to travel as passengers in their primary vehicle.

For more information and advice:


  • Occupational Therapists – speak to an occupational therapist at your local health centre or hospital or ask your doctor to refer you to one. OT – Australia: Victoria can provide information on how to find an OT generalist or driver assessor.
  • RACV – advice on vehicle choice, car running costs.
  • Vic Roads – medical review, licensing, registration of vehicles with modifications, child seating & restraints.
  • VMSS – funding scheme details, application forms, general advice:
  • Disabled Motorists Association– general advice about modifying vehicles, what the process entails, referral to driver assessment & retraining services, hire/purchase of wheelchair accessible vehicles, phone 03 9386 0413
  • TAC – for people injured in traffic accidents there is information on eligibility for compensation, application forms & vehicle modifications:
  • Support/advocacy groups for people with disabilities – e.g.: AQA
  • NDIS -Frank’s Engineering P/L is an approved & registered provider for NDIS Australia.


Visit website for more information 

Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Driver

Vic Roads has different licensing provisions that permit individuals with disabilities to be independent drivers. This may include requirements pertaining to the driver (e.g: prosthesis must be worn) or the car (e.g: must have certain modifications). All drivers in Australia have a legal obligation to advise their state licensing authority of any long – term or permanent medical condition or disability that might impact upon their driving abilities. Failing to report may mean driving illegally – car insurance could be affected & drivers risk fines or prosecutions.


Disability Vehicle Modification Resources for Drivers